Q- Do I need a home inspection? A- Home inspections are not required in the state of Ohio, however your mortgage or lending agency may require a home inspection occur. In addition, home inspectors are trained to detect defects, potential issues and other areas of concern that a home buyer or owner may or may not have the experience to detect. It is good practice to have a home inspection when buying or selling a home. 
Q- What should I expect when having a home inspected? A- An inspection from Heartland Inspections, LLC will provide you vital detailed information fully documented with pictures and explanations from your inspector as to the findings of the inspection [see Sample Report]. Most average home inspections will last several hours.

Q- What should I expect a home inspection to reveal? A- ALL HOMES HAVE ISSUES. Do not be surprised when a home inspection reveals an issue with a home. Both new construction homes and older homes will have issues. Often times, new construction homes are harder inspect because the issues that may have have not yet revealed themselves. Time usually is the best way for hidden problems to reveal themselves and this may take years. When you hire Heartland Inspections, LLC to do you inspection- we will personally explain any and all findings in our report. If you want more clarification, we will gladly walk you through the issues we find at the time of inspection so long as conditions are appropriate to do so.  
Q- Do I need a radon test? A- Radon tests, much like home inspections are not required by the state of Ohio [mortgage or other lending companies may require the test]. However all major and well-known health organizations have recognized radon gas to be a major health threat. Again radon testing is not required in most cases in this state, however radon is tasteless, colorless and odorless and without a professional radon test, you may be placing yourself and your family's health in jeopardy. [Please refer to the RADON button under SERVICES tab for more information on Radon Gas.   
Q- I have heard that "radon testing" is  a ploy by mitigation companies and inspectors to make more money. Is this true? A- There are companies that have been accused of taking advantage of the fear surrounding radon. And in turn, one could assume they in some cases may have profited from that action. However, a radon test from Heartland Inspections will be done in a professional and accurate manner. We are licensed by the Ohio Department of Health and have undergone extensive training endorsed by the AARST/NRPP[American Assoc. of Radon Scienctists and Technologists/National Radon Proficiency Program], NSRB [National Radon Safety Board],  and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors [InterNACHI]. We strongly recommend that all homes be tested for radon gas. [Please refer to the RADON section under the SERVICES tab for more information on Radon Gas].   
Q- How long is a typical home inspection? A- Our typical home inspection on an average sized home [Approx. 2000 sq ft] will last between 2-3 hours. However, there are several factors that dictate how long your inspection may last. These factors are: accessibility of inspected areas, age of home, amount of issues discovered during inspection and the amount of services conducted at the property.